So you have been planning your big wedding day for almost a year now. You’ve ordered flowers, got a dress, and booked the location. The groomsmen have their tuxes and the show is just about ready to start but you forgot one thing: a photographer! You ask around and a few people help out by taking videos on their phones and taking pictures at the reception but they don’t turn out as well as you hoped. All of this could have been avoided if you hired a central coast wedding photographer for your wedding. Photographers take the pressure off of you and your family and will take great pictures of the wedding day. They offer a wide range of services and packages that will fit any budget.

Some packages they may include are:

  • Hourly packages
  • Pre-wedding photography
  • Video Packages

Hourly Rates

Many times you can book your wedding photographer by an hourly or daily rate. This allows you to book the photographer for before, during, and after the wedding. This way you can capture every moment. From the time the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready up until the moment the bride and groom leave the wedding, the photographer can capture candid moments of you and your guest.

Pre-wedding Photography

Many couples like to have pictures taken before their wedding. Wedding photographers can cover that too. These can be photos taken at a surprise engagement or more intimate photos of the couple. Many photographers work closely with the couple to ensure that their style and personalities are shown through the photos. These photo shoots can be set up months before or days before the wedding.

Video Packages

Many wedding photographers are also excellent videographers as well. This goes in conjunction with your photos. So not only will you have amazing photo memories but also an amazing wedding video to go with them. Many use top of the line editing software to give the wedding video a polished look.

Your wedding day is your special day to remember and you want to remember it in the best way possible. Photographers can organise your photos into books, albums, and even put them on USBs to give to family members. Choosing the right wedding photographer not only relieves the stress of the wedding day but will help keep memories of your most precious day fresh forever.