Planning a wedding can be both fun and chaotic. It is best to start early with the prep work, so that you have enough time to check and compare everything. One of the key services that you need is that of wedding videography. Finding the right wedding videographer can make a big difference to the final outcome. In this post, we are suggesting questions that you must ask while comparing your options.

  1. Can we see your work?

The best wedding videographer Reverent wedding films will never shy away from showing their work. Check their showreel and review some of their recent wedding videos from start to finish to get a realistic idea of their work. You can also ask the videographer to do a test shoot, for which they may charge a small amount.

  1. Do you know how to shoot a cinematic wedding film?

Gone are times when wedding films looked more like documentaries on the life of two people getting married. This is the age of cinematic wedding films, where the idea is to capture events and tell the story of love. A lot of insider work goes into creating such wedding films, because aspects like theme, aesthetics, venue and other details do matter. You need a service that employs experienced cinematographers and editors for the job.

  1. What is included in the package?

When you talk to wedding videography services, ask them what is included in the package. In most cases, they will deliver the final film, along with a highlight reel and trailer. Again, the services may differ, depending on the package you choose. For instance, some couples want FAA Certified drone footage, which adds grandness to wedding films. Nevertheless, the price offered should be final and must have no scope for hidden charges.

  1. Are you following social distancing standards?

In these times of pandemic, you want to be sure that the wedding videography team will adhere to the norms like use of masks, sanitizers and social distancing. The current situation is likely to persist for the next few months or may be a couple of years, and this is a relevant and current question.

  1. Are you available?

You don’t want the wedding videographers to rush from your wedding to the next. Make sure that they are available and ask in advance as how many hours will they dedicate as per the package.

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